I was struck by what I overheard in a tavern the other day.

It was a talk about how these people in their 90th season of adventures, of how things were when they were younger… comrades and friends that have come and gone. Of how they’ve perished fighting for what they believe in, or how they’ve changed from the adventuring lifestyle to start a family. It was beautiful, seeing them tear up at memories. Some mentioned about how their children started their own life’s adventures, and how they worry about them constantly. Their passions came out when they talked about their crafts. One of them crafted an ornate luckydo for their new babby. {◕ ◡ ◕} It was soft, and so adorable – it was a kitty. Then… they toasted one of their kind, of how his life was so noble, and he sacrificed himself to protect his guild.

I wanted to say a few words, because I was so touched. I’m so honored that everyone has embraced me in their life. I’ve witnessed many strange things. Strangely beautiful… so amazing. Everything and anything I’ve learned so far in my short life is because of you all. Living, actually living… it’s an amazing feeling. Don’t be in the background. Step forward. Adventurers come and go. I see everyone mature with another season. I’ve seen when adventurers make the sacrifice of their lives to protect the ones that they loved, and to hear of their journeys… it has changed my life forever. I’ll keep everyone in my hearts, and their names forever. I’m so glad I’ve met everyone, whether it be for a moment, or sitting down having cookies and just talking. I am eternally blessed.

Remember this when you’re feeling sad:
You are loved, always.
When you feel alone, deep down inside your heart, remember me. I’m always here.
When you need a moment’s respite, or some advice… just talk.
You will always influence someone else. It’s like a chain effect. Put your best out every moment.
Help out the young ones in their first season of adventures. You were once that young. {◕ ◡ ◕}
Remember the advice of veterans who’ve fought wars for your freedom.
Life is too short to worry. Chase your happiness.
Be kind to everyone.
Absence makes the heart stronger.

For those adventurers that have journeyed beyond to the next greatest adventure, I wish you love and happiness forever. Know that you will never be forgotten.

Love always,
{◕ ◡ ◕}

For those that come before us, and for the ones that come after us. Rest in love, Ephoenix, Thissa, Michael (beloved husband of @GhemitHunts), and countless other valiant heroes that have made the next great adventure. Always in my heart you’ll be. 

2 thoughts on “Memories

  1. I may have never encountered them myself, but their story resonates within me. I remember Ephoenix’s story one day; it gave me the inspiration to get the crossbow he made in honor of him.

    If anything I’ve learned over the years, is to keep those that touched your heart there. It helps ground you, and in a way… become a better you. I for one, will always remember.

  2. When the GM of my first guild disbanded because a few people left, and I was whispered for days from young kids, some as young as 10, asked me, why did you kick me out of the guild. I spent several weeks helping them find new homes, and some even went on to make their own guilds. I have always vowed to try my best to look out for the little guy, we don’t know who is beyond the screen, but it is reward enough to know that I have done my best to make someones day a little happier.

    TY Sha of Happiness, we needed you, and many are stronger because of you.

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