It gets better.

It gets better.

If you feel all alone in your corner of the world, ask out and you’ll get help. I promise. Us denizens of Azeroth will always help a brother or a sister out. There is strife, but there’s also joy too. All of us unite in our world… of Warcraft. There are friends all over that are different – be it Orc, Pandaren, or Draenei. Factions, too. Roles, and just… stereotypes in general. Females aren’t just healers. Tanks aren’t invincible. Damage dealers aren’t replaceable. Everyone is treasured in our own way.


There’s an expectation that precedes you, the individual. Labels on classes, guilds, roles… We need to strip them. Be honest to say that you’re new to this or that. Azeroth should be a healthy vacation from the reality of the world. I know it is for me.  There is catharsis in being the true you. Live for yourself. It’s okay. There’s no rule, no connect-the-dots, NOTHING that binds us to live in what everyone thinks you should be. You don’t need people to approve your every move. You don’t need people to bring you down. It’s not fun if you’re getting called out because you’re different. Play how you want to play. Live how you want to live.


Nobody should ever feel like they should be ashamed for picking how they want to play… whether it be one of the mighty Tauren, or the night elves that pray to Elune. You can be a hunter, travelling with your best friend and loyal companion in every step you take. You can be a druid, whether it be taking the form of flight, or as a mighty bear, defending those that you care for. You can be a paladin, bringing peace to console those that need the light in their darkest hour.


I exist so that I may send merriment to those that need it. I bring sanctuary to those that may need it in their life. Even if it’s just for a tweet… I hope it brings a moment of happiness. I promise that I will be here, no matter what.


It gets better.


We NEED to stop using ugly labels to degrade other people. If there’s someone that needs help in your raid group, ask if they need help. It’s a give and take. Don’t ridicule them or call them names. Please help me make Azeroth a safe environment for everyone to play in it. If there’s someone struggling, offer help. If you can’t, help them look things up. Ask friends. Ask guildies. Ask anyone. New players, veterans… we all once started fresh. We still have questions. I remember being in a raid, and synchronizing our every step because it was needed. There was no calling out or shaming anyone. We need to celebrate our differences. We all are accepting. Our hearts are open for you all.


I promise that when you become your true self, life will be finally free, and you will be true to yourself.


I promise that there will always be a new dawn after the darkest of the night.


It gets better.



I promise.


Love, {◕ ◡ ◕}



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2 thoughts on “It gets better.

  1. I really appreciated this. I hated when I started off new. People in the game…especially in dungeons were so mean and made me sign off for a while. I wish I read this back then. Now I’m in a helpful guild with a high ranking character. I will never forget how I just needed positive direction. I will definitely help other people out like I once needed it and make WOW a little bit nicer.

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